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Sod Sod

Install sod right way!

Sod is a perishable plant, so it starts drying up in summer if rolled up or installed and not watered immediately. So, get your sod installed as quickly as possible for a successful transplant!

Get a beautiful, healthy lawn by hiring us to re-root the sod into your prepared soil, the right way! Call today for a FREE estimate.

It's advisable to flood your newly installed sod with lots of water. Once you do this, the sod will turn plump and squishy. When it comes to large areas, install and water section by section as the sod is installed.


Also, adjust your schedule in such a way that you make time to water immediately after installing your new sod. These small tips will give you a good chance for a successful transplant.



Water your new sod immediately post installation

Get sod installed the right way

Hire us to do some ground prep prior to installation